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The worst part about any disaster is that you never know when you’re going to get hit. Be it invasion, fire or flooding, it is highly probable that you’ll be caught unawares. Most of us think it’ll never happen to us, but you never know when your joy will turn to ash in your mouth. Why not, then, take measures to escape such a tragedy, while you still can?


“Practice makes a man perfect”. While some may argue about gender or age, this saying applies to us all. So, work a strategy out with your family and perform regular drills to practice your escape. Such exercises will help you and more importantly, your children in the unfortunate even of you facing such a hazard.




  1. First of all, you need to give your child a basic overview of the gear to use in case of an emergency such as fire extinguishers. Then comes the escape route. The best course is to let the child identify an escape route himself. Work that out with your child and make him undergo some drills.


  1. When fear strikes, nothing can soothe your nerves better than a safe house. The same goes for your children. So, designate a safe place where you and your family can gather, was a tragedy to befall you. It can be a neighbor’s house or a local market, but it has to be nearby.


  1. Once your child is beyond the grasp of danger, he needs to remain in the safe house until there is no imminent threat at all. You need to teach your child this to ensure their protection and health. For many kids, this is a hard-learned lesson as children tend to be infamously brave. Returning to home can be a hazardous decision for your child in many ways:


  • In the case of an invasion, children are used as hostages to make the adults do as being told. Very often they are taken away for ransom too.


  • Fire or gas fumes are mostly deadly. Besides, a fire can make the home structure collapse, thus rendering it an unsafe place for your child.


  • Flood damage can cause electrocution if electricity was not cut off.